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LGBTQ + Christianity with Alfred Brown

Alfred is part of the LGBTQ community and a devoted Christian. He runs a ministry in Chicago and The Alfred Platform, a business dedicated to enriching the relationships that members in the LGBTQ community have with themselves, each other, and with God.

In this episode, we dig deeper into the complex layers of identity. We discuss the miseducation on both the LGBTQ and Christian communities.

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Ep. 71 Trabajadoras - Carmen Marin-Quarles

Trabajadoras: Conversations With Career Driven Woman

For the next few weeks, I will be sharing stories from different woman in different careers.  

Joining me today is Veteran Carmen Marin-Quarles.

Carmen was born and raised in Waukegan by her single dad.

She was deployed twice to Iraq and is currently pursuing her masters in social work to help veterans.

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Episode 46 - Carolina Trejos

Joining me today is Carolina Trejos, a broadcast journalist and host of People VIP en Español. Carolina is from Colombia and came to this country at the age of 14.  We talked about starting a new life in a new country, changing careers, moving from Chicago to California to New York, life challenges, dreams and goals! Thank you Carolina for sharing your story with us. 

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Episode 45 - Daniela Castellanos

Daniela shares her educational journey that lead her to become a molecular biologist. We discuss her upbringing, the challenges she faced as a latina student, and her motivation behind her future career goals. A big thank you to Daniela Castellanos for sharing her story with us. 

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Episode 41 - Los Caminos de la Vida

It has been a tough week but I came through with a brand NEW SOLO episode!! I share some behind the scenes experiences from my book My Sweet Vida, my podcast 30 Minutes With Neddy, my college experience, and about my funk this week... enjoy!

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Yo! Solo episode this week!! 


I invite you all to come celebrate Saturday, August 26th 5pm-9pm at Green Town Tavern, 110 S. Genesee St, Waukegan, IL 60085.

oh btw, I quit my 9-5 and work 24/7 now

Listen to hear more...

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Episode 35 - Valeria Rodriguez

Joining me today is Valeria Rodriguez. I invited Valeria because I love knowing and hearing stories of people who step out of their comfort zone, take risks in pursuing their dreams, and are truly living a fulfilling life. Valeria is a down to earth entrepreneur who joins me to share more about the journey of owning her own business, V's Studio. 

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Episode 34 - Germain Castellanos

Joining me today is Germain Castellanos, the director of SHINE educational leadership program at Waukegan High School. Germain grew up in the south side of Waukegan and shares how he was able to break the cycle and develop a program to service his community. Through his story, we speak on persistence, hard work, not giving up, and servicing of others.

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Episode 33 - The Numbers Do Lie & Decoding Millennials Podcast

Joining me today is Jose A. Contreras, author of "The Numbers Do Lie," and host of "Decoding Millennials Podcast." Many of you may remember him from episode 17 where he shared his educational journey and how he overcame his depression. Since then, Jose has published his book and has his own podcast.  The goal of "Decoding Millennials Podcast" is to debunk the myth of Millennials, educate and empower Millennials, and bridge the gap with other generations to work together in the community.

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Episode 31 - Goals, Goals, Goals I Do Adore

Joining me today, myself and I. We look back to the beginning of the year, reflect back to all the guests we've met so far, and have exciting news about our first year anniversary coming soon.  I go over the process of creating goals and accomplishing them, analyze '30 Minutes With Neddy' and share how I connected more dots in my life through my recent trip to Mexico. 

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Episode 30 - David Villalobos

David Villalobos is the 4th Ward Alderman in the City of Waukegan. David, is one of the youngest aldermans and one of the first aldermans of Mexican descent. He volunteers with Clean Power Lake County, Green Town Waukegan, and Waukegan Main Street, among other organizations. He joins me to share more about his childhood, growing up in Waukegan, and why he decided to stay and make a change in his community. 

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Episode 29 - Jose Pagalan

Jose Pagalan was born in the Philippines, raised in California, and now lives in Vegas. JP's life goal is to have the financial freedom to be able to spend more time with his family.  He recently joined the trading stock market world and I asked him to come share more about it with us. Discipline is a major key to accomplish any goal and JP shares how his discipline for golf prepared him for the trading world. We talk about his childhood in Delano, California, his desire for wanting more out of life, and how he is attacking his goal of becoming financially free. 

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Episode 28 - Alfredo Isaac Zires

To kick off Pride Month, I invited Alfredo Isaac Zires (aka Freddy) for today's episode. Freddy is an open gay christian man who shares a little bit of his life with us. Freddy is an entertainer at heart; Lola Madison is his drag queen stage name and Isaac Zire is his singer stage name. We talk about his childhood, family, his artist journey, le gays, religion,  stereotypes and lots more.... you do not want to miss this episode!

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Episode 27 - Online Dating

In the past few years online dating has gone from common websites like match and eharmony  to phone applications like Tinder and Bumble. Linda, Armando, and Kristy join me to share some of their personal experiences with people they have met through the apps.  Armando made us mouthwatering micheladas and we dove into some good, bad, and funny stories... take a listen!

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Episode 26 - Momentum

Joining me today is.... ME! To celebrate our 9 month anniversary, I catch up with you on all the behind the scenes since the last time I released a solo episode in March. I share a few memories from my trips to Spain, Cuba and Europe. I talk about my mom, dreams, goals, fears, falling into a funk, and about the momentum that keeps me going! 

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Episode 25 - Karen Herrera

We've all heard the quote "live each day like it's your last" at least once in our lifetime. Some of us might even believe we are living exactly that, but are we really? Joining me today is Karen Herrera, a medical assistant, who was in coma for two weeks after a car accident. Karen took a whole new meaning to the quote and joins me talk about it. We talk about the car accident that changed her life, the aftermath, depression and overcoming. Listen and ask yourself, are you living each day like it's your last?

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Episode 23 - Maribel Fuentes

Maribel Fuentes graduated from UIC with her degree in finance and currently works in commercial real estate investment. Maribel and I dive into a series of interpersonal topics; relationship dynamics, self awareness, self improvement, overcoming and choosing to break the cycle. It's a discussion about life--prepare your choice of drink, sit back, and listen to Maribel's story!

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Episode 22 - Raising Noé

To continue celebrating International Women's Month, I would like to bring light and introduce you to Stephanie Gómez. Stephanie is a writer, a program manager, the founder of the organization Latinas In Power, and the mother of Noé.  She joins me to share how she is resisting society's heteronormative and male standards. We talk about gender binaries, over-sexualizing a child, breaking heteronormative ideas and the fears and joys of raising Noé. 

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Episode 21 - Birthday Week

To celebrate my birthday week, I bring to you a solo 10 minutes with Neddy episode!!! I provide my feedback on the episodes and update you with the journey of creating this podcast. I announce my next trip, my two upcoming projects, and ask for one thing for my birthday. 

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