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Episode 48 - Wendy Guadarrama

My goal this month is to reduce the shame and secrecy associated with mental health and also encourage people to seek help if they are struggling. 

My guest today is Wendy Guadarrama. Wendy is a professional who has been traveling all over the country for work conferences. She joins me to share about her educational journey, her career, a few shake ups in her life, and how she manages life with an unwelcomed guest named anxiety. 

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Episode 44 - Pedro Salazar

Joining me this week is Pedro Salazar, the artist behind Diskuuhvery Photography. Pedro shares a personal experience that completely changed his life. One mistake lead him to focus on his professional career as a full time photographer.  After finding out about the most recent earthquake in Mexico, Pedro booked a flight to Mexico to help and shares his experience with us. 

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Yo! Solo episode this week!! 


I invite you all to come celebrate Saturday, August 26th 5pm-9pm at Green Town Tavern, 110 S. Genesee St, Waukegan, IL 60085.

oh btw, I quit my 9-5 and work 24/7 now

Listen to hear more...

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Episode 36- Adam Carson

Joining me today is Adam Carson, Director of Strategic Initiatives in the health department. Adam is from Mississippi and a new community member of Lake County.  I invited him to come share about his upbringing, knowledge, and career in the health department. Our discussion took an interesting turn and we ended up asking important questions about our educational system, the importance of starting a dialogue, and community building.

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Episode 35 - Valeria Rodriguez

Joining me today is Valeria Rodriguez. I invited Valeria because I love knowing and hearing stories of people who step out of their comfort zone, take risks in pursuing their dreams, and are truly living a fulfilling life. Valeria is a down to earth entrepreneur who joins me to share more about the journey of owning her own business, V's Studio. 

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Episode 33 - The Numbers Do Lie & Decoding Millennials Podcast

Joining me today is Jose A. Contreras, author of "The Numbers Do Lie," and host of "Decoding Millennials Podcast." Many of you may remember him from episode 17 where he shared his educational journey and how he overcame his depression. Since then, Jose has published his book and has his own podcast.  The goal of "Decoding Millennials Podcast" is to debunk the myth of Millennials, educate and empower Millennials, and bridge the gap with other generations to work together in the community.

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Episode 25 - Karen Herrera

We've all heard the quote "live each day like it's your last" at least once in our lifetime. Some of us might even believe we are living exactly that, but are we really? Joining me today is Karen Herrera, a medical assistant, who was in coma for two weeks after a car accident. Karen took a whole new meaning to the quote and joins me talk about it. We talk about the car accident that changed her life, the aftermath, depression and overcoming. Listen and ask yourself, are you living each day like it's your last?

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Episode 18 - Social Media

First group discussion of the year, the topic: Social Media! Thank you to  Ene, Elisa, and Betty for joining me in an open discussion about social media. Let me paint a picture of how this went down: we got together on a Saturday, prepared some micheladas (except for Betty) and went in on the the pros and cons of social media and how it affects us individually. 

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