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Episode 39 - Sassy And Ambitious

Joining me today is Jacqui and Mariana, the bloggers behind Sassy And Ambitious: Two Best Friends Striving to Empower and Inspire, One Sassy Post at a Time. They are two sassy and ambitious women who created a space where people can feel inspired and supported. Mariana shares the challenges of being a first generation college student and Jacqui shares about her challenges in choosing the correct path and career in her life. 

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Episode 35 - Valeria Rodriguez

Joining me today is Valeria Rodriguez. I invited Valeria because I love knowing and hearing stories of people who step out of their comfort zone, take risks in pursuing their dreams, and are truly living a fulfilling life. Valeria is a down to earth entrepreneur who joins me to share more about the journey of owning her own business, V's Studio. 

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