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Episode 40 - Hendel Leiva

Joining me today is Hendel Leiva, the producer of the documentary film 'From One Mistake.' In his film, Hendel shares his one mistake he made as a teenager of targeting day laborers, despite having immigrant parents, to his transformation from being an offender to an immigrant activist. 'From One Mistake' is a film about the journey to self-awareness, empowerment, and action, in today’s hostile political atmosphere. Hendel is also the host of 'Immigration MIC; Moving Immigration Conversations.' 

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Episode 34 - Germain Castellanos

Joining me today is Germain Castellanos, the director of SHINE educational leadership program at Waukegan High School. Germain grew up in the south side of Waukegan and shares how he was able to break the cycle and develop a program to service his community. Through his story, we speak on persistence, hard work, not giving up, and servicing of others.

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Episode 33 - The Numbers Do Lie & Decoding Millennials Podcast

Joining me today is Jose A. Contreras, author of "The Numbers Do Lie," and host of "Decoding Millennials Podcast." Many of you may remember him from episode 17 where he shared his educational journey and how he overcame his depression. Since then, Jose has published his book and has his own podcast.  The goal of "Decoding Millennials Podcast" is to debunk the myth of Millennials, educate and empower Millennials, and bridge the gap with other generations to work together in the community.

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