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LGBTQ + Christianity with Alfred Brown

Alfred is part of the LGBTQ community and a devoted Christian. He runs a ministry in Chicago and The Alfred Platform, a business dedicated to enriching the relationships that members in the LGBTQ community have with themselves, each other, and with God.

In this episode, we dig deeper into the complex layers of identity. We discuss the miseducation on both the LGBTQ and Christian communities.

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Ep. 69 Trabajadoras - Liliana Buenrostro

Trabajadoras: Conversations With Career Driven Woman

For the next few weeks, I will be sharing stories from different woman in different careers.  

Joining me today is Liliana Buenrostro.

Liliana is an artist and founder of DopeMatik, a customized fashion brand.

Liliana graduated from the University of Kentucky. We talk about the inspiration behind DopeMatik and her journey as an entrepreneur. We discuss mental health and the importance of self care.

Instagram @dopematikbrand

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