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Ep. 65 Trabajadoras - Esmeralda Silva

Esmeralda has her bachelor's  in Criminology & Law Studies from Marquette University and went on to earn her master's degree in Criminology, Law, & Justice from the University of Illinois.  Esmeralda always knew she wanted to have a career serving others. She started as a Bilingual Intake Coordinator in Chicago, where she worked with abused children. Then after, she was a Crisis Counselor for domestic violence in Lake County. She currently is a Community Resource Specialist in anti-human trafficking.

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Episode 51 - Lupe Murguia

My goal this month is to reduce the shame and secrecy associated with mental health and also encourage people to seek help if they are struggling. 

Joining me is Lupe Murguia, a licensed clinical social worker who works with individuals with severe mental illnesses. Lupe joins me to share about her educational journey and about her role at work.

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