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Episode 48 - Wendy Guadarrama

My goal this month is to reduce the shame and secrecy associated with mental health and also encourage people to seek help if they are struggling. 

My guest today is Wendy Guadarrama. Wendy is a professional who has been traveling all over the country for work conferences. She joins me to share about her educational journey, her career, a few shake ups in her life, and how she manages life with an unwelcomed guest named anxiety. 

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Episode 32 - Manon Lespinasse

Manon is a French traveler who studied in three different countries and earned her Masters in Business Analysis at Depaul University in Chicago by the age of 22. She joins me to share more about her upbringing and her educational journey.  Rock on Manon!!!

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Episode 31 - Goals, Goals, Goals I Do Adore

Joining me today, myself and I. We look back to the beginning of the year, reflect back to all the guests we've met so far, and have exciting news about our first year anniversary coming soon.  I go over the process of creating goals and accomplishing them, analyze '30 Minutes With Neddy' and share how I connected more dots in my life through my recent trip to Mexico. 

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