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Ep. 67 Trabajadoras - Jacqueline Priego

Trabajadoras: Conversations With Career Driven Woman

For the next few weeks, I will be sharing stories from different woman in different careers.  

Joining me today is Jacqueline Priego.

Jaqueline is the writer, creator, co-director and actress of PinkSlipped.

PinkSlipped is a Latinx web series that follows the lives of three best friends navigating their careers while coming to terms that they are greater than the sum of their stifling jobs, self-sabotage and cultural stereotypes. 

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Episode 41 - Los Caminos de la Vida

It has been a tough week but I came through with a brand NEW SOLO episode!! I share some behind the scenes experiences from my book My Sweet Vida, my podcast 30 Minutes With Neddy, my college experience, and about my funk this week... enjoy!

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Episode 31 - Goals, Goals, Goals I Do Adore

Joining me today, myself and I. We look back to the beginning of the year, reflect back to all the guests we've met so far, and have exciting news about our first year anniversary coming soon.  I go over the process of creating goals and accomplishing them, analyze '30 Minutes With Neddy' and share how I connected more dots in my life through my recent trip to Mexico. 

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